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We The People Rule

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People talk about the weather,
yet no one can do anything about it.
Still, others talk about politics and national issues,
perhaps could do something about them...
but do nothing, but moan and groan!
There's the familiar expression...
"There are people who make things happen.
There are people who watch things happen.
And, there are people who don't know
what's happening!"
This site is not for the latter two groups.  This site is for U.S. citizens who dare to "be counted."  After all, WE are The People! in "We The People"... and ultimately, WE rule... with political votes when WE go to the polls... and with economic votes when WE go to the store. Though often convoluted, over time, WE The People previal. WE RULE! 
Despite the admonitions of leaders who would tell you that we should go about our business as usual, the "New Normal," which we are supposedly living under since 9/11, has fundamentally changed thinking and actions. Oddly, these changes are not movement into unknown areas of social / governmental behavior, but retro steps to a frontier form of thinking and "justice."
Many of us have opinions which we would like to express... and debates we would like to have.  We The People Rule is a focal point for your "voice" through blogs.  If you already have an appropriate one, please email the link to it for its inclusion.  If you prefer to respond through this site, you may do so as well. 
Daily, we all receive e-mail "pass-alongs;" many pertain to politics and national issues, of which some are not even the truth!   Regardless, in turn... based on our mail box...  most receivers become the senders as these missives meander aimlessly through cyberspace.  One pre-supposes that the pass-along reflects some form of the senders view, but still... IT GOES NOWHERE THAT COUNTS.  And, though this email invades the Internet "virally," its impact is vitiated with each forwarding as a vital thought turns into "junk" mail when sent by people who don't remove the previous CC lists, or the many ">" characters.  
So, rather than just circulating issues around the "net," STATE YOUR OPINIONS in a blog and invite family 'n friends to respond.  Then, send ALL responses to Y/OUR CIVIL SERVANTS, you know... the people who are in office because of YOUR VOTE... AND PAID BY YOU!

" O! Ye that love mankind!   Ye that dare
   oppose not only tyranny, but the tyrant,
Stand Forth! "
Thomas Paine, Common Sense 1776

Remember, We All Rule When We Speak Out And Vote!

Thursday, March 25, 2004
We The People Rule! welcomes political parties, candidates, and individuals to send us their blog links for inclusion to this blog. You are free to speak your opinions as you wish.
However, we reserve the right to reject any entry should it be apparent that the blog is generally profane in its language delivery language.