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Filing The War's Expense Report

Filing The War's Expense Report
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Posted May 5 2004
Filing the War's Expense Report
For all that received and read my Holiday Greeting, you will recall my page back then regarding the deplorable lack of media coverage concerning the fallen and wounded soldier. Well, as you may be aware, currently, the protective strip is coming off this antiseptic media band-aid, in large part of this due to the number of April's deaths and wounded.
The latest flap in truth-telling are the pictures of flag-draped coffins.
Under a policy first put into effect by President Clinton, such pictures
were no longer to be shown.  Of course, in agreement with this policy
is none other than the present Secret Office of the President. 
Oddly, just last week conservative, Bill O'Reilly, also railed about these
pictures being negative to the war effort.  Astonishing!  With all due
respect to personal opinions, there is no Smiley Face to be placed
on war, war deaths, and casualties... both military and civilian.
It is incumbent to know and show the true cost of any war.
Ultimately, every casualty is to be borne by us, "We The People,"
for WE  -- with a scant idea of military science and geopolitical
shenanigans  -- elect the Commander In Chief.  And, our silence
betrays our tacit approval of his... some day her... actions.
For me, naming names and showing pictures of our fallen troops is not
a disgrace, or political gesture.  It is a TRIBUTE... a tribute to people who
have placed DUTY ABOVE SELF.  Such nobleness deserves more than a
number of KIAs reported in a ten second news sound-bite.  Nor is showing flag
draped coffins negative to the war effort.  Such images are the "receipt" for an
expenditure that this nation is paying, individual for the surviving families,
and collectively as a society...  And just as we as individuals must justify
any purchase, we, who elect our Commander In Chief, have a RIGHT to see
this receipt before paying more despite the war's merits.  After all...
Who among us has ever had an open expense account?  Then again...
Who among us has not been accountable to the person paying their salary?

"Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion,
 but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime."
Adlai E. Stevenson, Jr.