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Posted March 1, 2008
"He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell
and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death."
                                                                                                      Thomas Paine
Our Messianic Missions
Are Better Than George Bush’s
John David Sottile
President Bush has a "messianic mission" to spread democracy to Iraq.  We did not coin the term.  He did when referencing that God was working through him.  And, the media picked-up on this phrase to describe his apparition. 
However noble his vision, it is misaligned with the Constitutional responsibilities of our President, as Commander in Chief, and his Oath of Office which is to serve, protect, and defend the United States.  Nowhere, does it state that this country must spill its military's blood and spend its taxpayers' money to spread democracy elsewhere! Moreover, democracy IS NOT a prerequisite for an effective foreign policy. In reality, the United States is a democracy and there are many nations which disagree with our geopolitics, including  its own citizens.
Like President Bush, we all have "messianic missions;" to be the best _________  (fill in the blank, father/mother/coach/pastor/advocate/politician/etc).
However, the difference between our mission(s) and his is that we -- as selfless people -- DO NOT COMMAND the health, welfare, and lives of others to bring about our missions.  President Bush's Iraq War II -- the purpose of which has morphed from fighting terror to installing democracy is just such an endeavor where he is commanding -- especially through “stop-loss" --in the military the lives, health, and family welfare of others to spread HIS MISSION of democracy.
Whatever is the cost of President Bush's messianic mission, other than his ranking in history, President Bush is not "paying the price" that he is exacting from our military and families, plus this nation, overall.
This irritates our every sinew... for his crusade is not only a transgression against Americans and the office of the Presidency, but a violation of another nation's / people's rights and lives... regardless of democracy's merits.
Therefore, our "messianic mission" in this letter and in the self-produced video is to portray the error and human cost of his mission.
Let me stipulate right here that we are pro-military, that we favor a combined armed force at least twice its current strength with the Coast Guard under the Department of Defense, that we are moderate conservatives, and that we voted for George Bush twice.   Further, while we accept that retaliatory and defensive wars must be fought, we believe that war is the ultimate failure of humankind. 
Therefore, we see no difference in human failure between being a flat-out aggressor causing war, or an aggressor of a pre-emptive war.  Today, pre-emptive wars could be "justified" against many countries having nuclear power, and/or violators of human rights, and/or radical factions. Therefore, with aggressor or pre-emptive war being ultimate failures, then anything less than taking of ultimate steps to avoid them must also be a failure.
President Bush professes his Christianity, Compassionate Conservatism, and Democractic Evangelism as values for living.    We object to these terms.  In reverse order; Democracy is willed by the people to be governed; conservatism, per se, is not uncompassionate; and Christianity is a term of faith, not humanity.  Regardless, where is the humanity -- Christianity or Compassionate Conservatism -- in pursuing a "messianic mission" which destroys lives, families, successful careers, irreplaceable artifacts, national stability, and more?
  • Men of God do not kill to win their way. 
  • Compassionate people do not shatter families with redeployments "until death do us part," or the end of the war, whichever comes first.
  • True evangelists of love and freedom, such as Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Billy Graham, and Ronald Reagan used their pulpits to civilly get their way.
Democracy in Iraq?
With the bully pulpit of the U.S. Presidency and the largess of our Treasury, Iraq should already be divided into three countries, Kurd/Sunni/Shiite -- as the people desire -- with a revenue split on oil.  Recall, the country was cobbled together by Britain post WW I.  Certainly, what humans puts together, they can be put asunder.  (The same "nation building" happened with the post World War mash-up of Yugoslavia... which reverted to separate countries a few years back... with Kosovo -- just recently -- declaring its independence, which the U.S. immediately recognized.)
Five years after the start of the war, Saddam's gassing of 5,000 Kurds, a horror in itself,  has been made relatively insignificant -- in number -- by the accumulated death and destruction caused by the unleashing of this pre-emptive war.  This hardly means that all casualties have been caused by our "collateral damage."  Radical Sunni/Shiite sectarian violence and al-Qaeda -- all three factions without regard for human life -- have caused tens of thousand deaths.
Regardless... death and dismemberment is death and dismemberment. Neither combatants nor civilians in Iraq have been spared this fact.
In the video, you will note that we use many images of severely wounded infants.  This is not just to tug at your humanity.  It is to SHOW YOU THE FUTURE CITIZENS AND PERHAPS LEADERS OF IRAQ; and to stimulate just one thought:
What are these "demolished" children  -- without arms, legs, faces, and diminished longevity due to other casualties... not to mention without parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles -- going to think of President Bush's "messianic mission" to install democracy when they get older?
Were we some of them, we'd want revenge!
Long after President Bush is gone from the White House, these demolished children and other older youth will transfer their injuries to the presence of America; and, this nation will then have to deal with their "appreciation."
We'll leave President Bush's Christianity and compassion to be judged by God.  Notwithstanding, we're giving him "F" on HUMANITY.  We doubt that there is anything that President Bush can do between now and the end of his "reign," as he attempts to create a legacy outside of Iraq, to better this grade.
There never was a necessity to invade Iraq, despite the bellicose taunting of Saddam.  The country was successfully controlled by the U.S. with no-fly zones; there was no tie to al-Qaeda; the aluminum tubes were determined to be too small for any nuclear purposes; the WMDs were alleged on thin evidence; and the country was not teetering on civil war.  Truthfully, Iraq was quite the opposite.  Through tyrannically ruled, it was very much under Sunni control, which staved-off the advances of the Shiite Iran -- another terror nation -- and kept the likes of Shiite Cleric, Sadr, down.  Compared to other countries in the region, Iraq was brutally "stable."  Regardless, for the first time in this nation's history, President Bush launched a pre-emptive war against Iraq.
We accept that in March of 2003, this nation was still angry from the attack on the Twin Towers.  However, 18 months transpired from that unprovoked attack to the launch of Iraq War II.  There was ample time for improved intelligence, backdoor diplomacy... and failing that "firing warning shots" to get Saddam's full attention.  This did not happen.  Instead, there was all-out war from day-one as a massive force sped towards Baghdad from Kiewit.  In short, the "ultimate steps," which were mentioned above, were not taken to avoid war.
Yet, our real War on Terror -- the terror that attacked the United States on 9/11/01 -- was and remains against Bin Laden and his thugs.
In fact, the biggest threat to humankind is not the curtailed spread of democracy, BUT THE RAPID SPREAD OF TERROR IN ALL FORMS AND GARBS, and the apparent indifference of most nations. WE MUST FIGHT THIS WAR.
Today, the concept of asymmetrical attacks -- i.e. one person killing many people -- is now mundanely associated with terror.  Homicide bombers are such an example.  However, this is an act, which the ENTIRE WORLD MUST DEFEAT, as a concept against humanity, regardless of political differences.  There are precedents for such restraint; gas warfare, and so far, nuclear power.
We know,  "Terrorists do not respect such restraint."  However, countries do or can be convinced.  The Office of the President -- and the financial might of our U.S. Treasury -- has the power to launch the defeat of this deadly practice through effective foreign policy rather than spending the same amount of time, energy, and money -- without the loss of lives and injuries -- mired down in a five-year war in a country the size of Texas.
Of course, President Bush did not choose the above option.  Rather, he bit onto Saddam's fool's bait with the result being that both leaders lost big-time... as did U.S. troops and their families, our all volunteer armed forces, employers, taxpayers, the infra-structure of Iraq, artifacts, and Iraqi civilians by the hundreds of thousands.  Even the acronym, S.N.A.F.U. fails to appropriately define the "Situation" President Bush and his clandestine inner circle created in Iraq.
It is not un-American to state the following truth:  Through a questionable, pre-emptive war, for which our Commander in Chief entered with too few troops, President  Bush destabilized the despotic government of Iraq, which led to the Sunni-Shiite sectarian war -- as well as their separate but similar wars of retribution against the U.S., as occupiers not liberators -- that created the fertile, chaotic, ground which nurtured al-Qaeda's entrance into the country and war... just as our major ally, Britain, pulled out.
Simultaneously, the Bush administration worked to "blind, stifle, and gag" others in the U.S. government and its citizens.  The administration did this 1) through edicts, such as prohibiting the filming of flag-draped coffins returning to the Dover AFB; 2) through mantras such as "Stay The Course" (as if the Bush Team had any clue to its waypoints), and 3) through down-right intimidations that challenged as un-American anyone's disagreement with the "program."  Plus of course, there has been "spin" throughout.  The current example being "The Surge," which is touted to be working... as if The Surge were anything more than a frank admission that President Bush relied on "Rummy" Rumsfeld to fight a needless war with too few troops required to secure the country after winning -- as argued against by respected, battle-tested generals with additional war college education. ( Isn't it a remarkable irony that do anything today, one needs a formal education and valid credentials; EXCEPT that to become the Commander in Chief of the mightiest military, one only needs to be 35 y.o. and U.S. born?)
Today, because of the administration's obfuscation, less than 10% of this nation's population has any connection with this war.  This fact would be unfortunate enough; however, combined with the economic "crisis," -- another failure of the administration's leadership -- the war is no longer even the top concern on people's minds.  It is debatable whether this "financial crisis" was partially allowed only to muddle the attention on the war.
What is not debatable is that despite the alleged "success" of The Surge, daily, one to three American troops die in combat with another 24-30 are injured - many severely.  Equally as appalling is the fact that the once needless war, now must be won due to al-Qaeda's presence and the overall mess that the war has created.  This will require more lives which in-turn will sadden more U.S. survivors, including children without a parent.  This will also result in more lifelong disabilities affecting veterans and families.  And, this will result in a more Iraqi innocents being killed in the crossfires of the warring factions.
We decided to produce a "pan-zoom/still-pictures-in-motion" video from war-related images that we captured on the Internet.
We have placed them over two songs:  "Where Is The Love?" by the currently popular Black-eyed Peas; and "Trumpet Bolero" (from vinyl) by Bert Kaempfert Orchestra in the early 60's.  The video is in two parts... the first is quickly paced... the second is somber.  In the first segment, we often use fades to provide enough visual so that the viewer gets the point, but not enough time to stare.  Our purpose is to have viewers "go-back" to really study what they thought that they saw -- such as a foot.   At the video's end, we posit that despite all of its might, our military needs the Constitutional power of CITIZENS to RE-FOCUS the War on Terror in the absence of effective leadership in both the Executive and the Legislative Branches of both parties.  After all, citizens are the ones who actually finance the war... the President commands it and the House allocates OUR FUNDS that amount to over $300,000,000 per day to finance the war.  This is money that could be better spent on the "Real War on Terror," which includes Homeland Defense.
We don't expect that you will enjoy this video; it was not meant to be enjoyable.  More than once, while editing it, we have been affected by the NEEDLESS TRAGEDY, SUFFERING, AND HUMAN CONSEQUENCES of what we are seeing before our eyes... U.S. & Iraqi.  Our handling digital images has a way of causing us to become a part of them.  Worse, there are other pictures, which we could have included, but did not because, literally, we would have to describe the mangled images.
In reality, the death, dismemberment, and suffering captured in these photos is no worse than that of any other war images.  What makes it all worse is the NEEDLESSNESS OF THIS WAR.  People challenge this statement, but no one has refuted it.  More telling, no adult civilian of this opinion has signed up to fight this war, or has committed their son, daughter, or relative to fight it.  So much for the bravado from hawkish bystanders!  Their vapid cheers recall those of the "genteel people" traveling from Washington DC during the 1860s to ghoulishly witness the death of thousands of troops in a Civil War battle, such as Bull Run.
Finally, we don't expect that you will necessarily agree with our viewpoint; in fact, statisically, 30% of you should not.  We remain open to your corrections.  However, know that with our agreeing that al-Qaeda in Iraq must be defeated, we will challenge; "What would you do if another country -- even an ally -- occupied without permission a portion of the United States?  Well, individually, we would fight the aggression, whether we were Republican, Democrat, Independent, military, civilan militia, and of any race, religion, or gender.  Repelling a foreign invader is as natural as white corpuscles enveloping a sliver.  And for this reason, Sunni and Shiites will bristle at our long term presences once al-Qaeda is defeated.  Moreover, Bin Laden will use our presence, as he did in Saudi Arabia, to recruit and justify his next attack.
For too many years, we've been the mumbling the words of John Kerry: "Before we were against the war, we were for it."
BUT, that was before the truth about aluminum tubes, WMDs, and a link to al-Qaeda was uncovered; before the Commander repeatedly failed to lead; before the troops were abusedly re-deployed several times often to die during a repeat tour; before a solution to protect troops from IEDs has failed to appear; before the armor issue has yet to be solved; before I witnessed how unprepared the administration was to secure post-war Iraq; etc.
Moreover, that was before Iraq usurped our focus in Afghanistan/Pakistan where we are now are losing ground against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
And finally, that was before Bin Laden remained "at large" 6 years later sending out taunting and recruiting tapes from mountainous caves.
When the mightiest and finest military in the world fails to win a needless war against the assemblages of terrorists/sectarians -- neither of whom have artillery other than mortars and RPGs, an air force, a navy, satellites, and even helmets -- one has to blame the Commander in Chief.  And, if more American troops must die or be wounded -- as surely they are even as we write -- while a political solution meanders in Iraq, one has to blame the President, as well.
After Vietnam, the phrase was "Never Again."  In that war, over 25,000 American boys -- mostly conscripted -- died while this nation sought a political end to the war, "with honor."  And what a "honor it was as we FLED Saigon leaving behind many South Vietnamese loyal to us, some of whom handing over babies, for they knew that their fates were sealed.  After a total of 58,000 U.S. troops killed and 200,000 injured, Vietnam is still under communism.  WHAT A WASTE!
Here we are three decades later attempting the same exit from another deadly and divisively, flawed foray.
How pitifully ignorant! 
And, once again, how pitifully wasteful of lives.
This is not only a lame-duck administration... with respect to this war, it is also just plain lame.  The arrogance, which President Bush manifests in his resisting to correctly pronounce the word, "nuclear," is the same arrogance that he demonstrates using other people's lives and resources to install what he thinks is best for another nation.  Listen up!
Agitated people to be governed... not outsiders... first fight for their democracy.
This was the case with our American Revolution where we sought outside help. The operative word is REVOLUTION.  For this reason, if "democracy" is what this administration seeks to install...WHY DID IT NOT START IN NON-OIL PRODUCING CUBA, whose 1) people clamor for freedom, 2) whose government is communistic, 3) whose Cuban population and political power in this country is significant, and 4) whose location is but 90 miles south of Key West USA?
In short,, we believe that We The People -- the nation -- have been diminished by this administration's actions in Iraq, REGARDLESS OF THE WAR's OUTCOME.
Finally, if you wish to forward this email, Thank You.  If not, you will not go to hell as other emails threaten.  But, this country will continue on its way there:
Understand that "We The People" (that's you and me) are financing this war... that "We The People" allow its continuance... that "We The People" are being short-changed through money allocations to fight it... and that We The People have the Constitutional power to stop it!
Over 70% of you reading this letter STRONGLY OBJECT to the Iraq War.  Absent of any courageous, current, political leadership, only "We The People" can stop it.
Unfortunately at this point, ending the Iraq War is very complex; we cannot just pull-out despite the desire to do so.  However, ending the war starts with contacting our respective senators and representative.  They are beholden to "We The People" for their jobs.  We pay them... therefore we rule!  They are our servants, despite what they think about their uncommitted and non-committal "representative" status.
Let's put them to work.