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We The People Rule

World Trade Center Links

Filing The War's Expense Report
LOSS: For Want Of A Nail
A Hero Is A Hero
Where Were You 40 Years Ago
World Trade Center Links


After 9/11 The Coup changed this cover (CLICK TO READ VH1 ARTICLE) .
Here's a "cut" of the VH1 article on The Coup's album cover and group...
"The 12-cut Party Music brims with charged political messages. It remains consistent with the Coup's earlier funk-inspired work, which is largely shaped by Boots, a self-declared communist and community activist.
The cut also makes a statement about the current level of hip-hop activism."
JDS' Note:  We all know about First Amendment Rights (which even gives "We The People... Rule!" air).  And, we all know that often "life often imitates 'art'" (I placed 'art' in quotes because I wish not to grace anarchy or communism)... BUT ONE HAS TO HAVE AN UNEASY FEELING THAT SUCH A GRAPHIC IMAGE AS THE COUP'S CD COVER MAY... JUST MAY INSPIRE, OR AFFIRM SUCH A TWISTED ATTACK AS THE ONE ON WORLD TRADE CENTER.

The track "5 Million Ways to Kill a C.E.O." examines the upper class' unquenchable greed, while "Get Up" rallies for a revolution against what Boots and guests Dead Prez say is a corrupt U.S. government.